Bejeweled Twist

Bejeweled Twist

The classic puzzle with new challenges


  • Same level of addiction and playability
  • Special bonuses and gems
  • Different gaming modes


  • Demo is only 60 minutes long!

Very good
Bejeweled is one of the World's most famous puzzle games, so we couldn't miss the third installment of the series, Bejeweled Twist.

Traditional gameplay in the Bejeweled titles involved swapping colorful gems with each other in order to build chains of three or more of them and make them disappear from the board. Bejeweled Twist, however, challenges you in a totally different way: now the only way to build those chains is by rotating groups of four gems clockwise.

This small change makes of Bejeweled Twist almost a completely new game. You need to use a different strategy and look at the board in a different way in order to locate possible gem combinations.

Fortunately there are some typical Bejeweled elements that still remain in this new version. The most important one, of course, is the varied range of bonuses you'll find while playing the game and which will boost up your score when you match a certain number of gems or do special chain combinations. There are also special gems that add new challenges to Bejeweled Twist, but I won't unveil all of its secrets here.

The Bejeweled Twist demo features two game modes (Classic or Zen) and two more that you can apparently unlock, but I don't know if you'll have enough time: the demo only lasts 60 minutes.

Puzzle fans beware! PopCap's classic is back again with Bejeweled Twist, and is harder than ever before to put down.

Bejeweled Twist


Bejeweled Twist

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